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You are an entrepreneur, influencer or artist with a drive to see a vision come into reality:

Hone your gift - turn it into mastery! 

Tap into support and become the creator of your life

Why we do this work?


Tirza - Founder

"If it was easy to bring your unique work into the world - you would have done it already.  Whenever you set out to create, all of your resistance rises up to meet you.  Our course leverages the tools of identity development, affirmation and habit formation to generate momentum required to build your capacity to create while generating a safe, developmental container to address what is really stopping you. "


Sofia - Co-Founder

"Success goes beyond achieving your goals. Along the way you will learn to cultivate, align and call upon potent inner resources, such as presence, courage, curiosity and self-compassion. The process of creation serves as grist for the mill and as you harness this new order of who you are becoming, you will naturally ripple out into other areas of your life and relationships."

Maya size.jpg

Maya - Co-Founder

"There is nothing like the feeling of accomplishment after you put in the hard work. You know you took the daily focus to chip at something you were working towards: Getting fit, writing a book, building a new business. Those things that cannot happen overnight, but take the daily focus and rigor. Those are the things in life that transform our identity, capacity and growth."

"If you want to make changes in your life that stick, big or small, then this is the course for you. Come prepared to dream big, meet your own resistance, and create the daily habits that allow you to step into the leader you always knew you could be." Kat N. - program participant

Each season our community creates amazing projects and results:

Who we are

Master trainers with a framework for integrated personal growth.  We teach facilitation skills through highly interactive and dynamic experiences. 

Our Community

​Embodied Leaders creating powerful containers for growth. Mastery in leadership requires practice and continuous personal development.

Our Programs

Join our collective.


Learn from masters through modeling and practice. 


Expand your capacity and reach. 


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