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About the Course

Intro to Summer 2020 course

Embodied Leadership is a live event.  We do provide weekly materials and resources, but this is not a course not on video.  This is a live, interactive, group experience of personal development. 


Monday Call

We meet every Monday at 8:30 Pacific on Zoom.  The Monday call is the heart of the program. We expect all participants to be on time and ready to participate.  We understand that life happens.  If you need to take the call while you are in transportation or you need to leave early or come late, please do. But do not make a habit of it. We do record calls and they will be available on Circles.  


During the Monday call we introduce the lesson of the week and you will have time for personal reflection and sharing with the small group.  The Embodied Leadership team will provide on the spot coaching.  


Small Groups

Everyone will be assigned a small group.  Each small group has a leader.  Groups generally meet once a week and also communicate on our community application Circles. Having a consistent small group supports intimacy and gives you the profound opportunity to witness each other's growth. 


Small Group Leaders  

Leaders are alumni of the program who have chosen to take on the responsibility of facilitating a group.  Small group leaders participate in an additional session every week to develop their capacity to be an effective facilitator.  


Buddy Pair

We assign people a buddy to help them with accountability for the season. Buddies can meet weekly or as necessary to deepen their work.

Circles is a community app that centralizes our resources and communication.  It is a little like Facebook except without all the distraction. Each group has a circle developed to them plus a general circle for the whole cohort where we post our weekly deck and class recording, post announcements and other resources.  You will be invited to the circles by our admins.

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