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This is our core framework.  Every Season we work through all parts of VIMOSH

with different lessons and influence.

VIMOSH is an acronym for:

Vision | Identity | Milestones | Obstacles | System | Habit. 



We always begin with a vision of where we want to be at the end of the season. 

A vision is an emotionally charged, time bound picture of the future. 

If creating a vision is new to you, that is ok, all of this is a practice and you will get

better at it. We want to focus on what life will look and feel like - not how we will get there.

Your vision can be just a simple page of writing.  If creating a vision board digitally

or physically is supportive to you, please do. 



At Embodied Leadership we believe that developing a clear identity enables you to live into your

vision with greater speed and less resistance. We tend to take actions that are coherent with our identity. 

If you believe you are always late, you will consistently take actions that are coherent with being late.  If you believe you are the kind of person that is always on-time, you will consistently take actions that lead to being on time.  


If we want to realize new results we need to take new action.  If we want to take new actions, we need to evolve our identity.  



We do not focus on goals. We do measure our progress.  You will need to find a way of tracking the consistency of your habit and measuring your progress.  How you measure is up to you. We will provide resources for habit tracking. 



Internal and external barriers and complications to achieving your goals. :



The process you are using to achieve your outcome. What is the system that your habit needs to sit in, in order to build over time.  INPUT  >  PROCESS  > OUTPUT



Much of our daily action is made up of habitual actions.  Unfortunately, this means that a lot of our behaviors are unconsidered but fortunately this means that if we develop good habits that work toward our success, they are likely to be sustained. Each season we approach habit development from a different perspective.  In Winter we look at Fundamental Habits, in Spring it is habits of creation, in Summer we build Scaffolding for Growth, and in Fall we establish systems.  


If you are starting with us in any season other than Winter you find it supportive to begin to develop the Foundation Habits.  These habits are the keystones of an embodied life and they will support all other habits.  


Foundation Habits

We recognize four fundamental habits

  • Managing time by planning the day

  • Embodiment through exercise

  • Regulating  the mind through a practice like meditation

  • Presencing 

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